Siswoo attends the III China E-commerce Exposition

Siswoo will join the IFA trade show 2015
June 18, 2015
Siswoo and Hispania-Telket will distribute Siswoo products in Central and South America.
July 3, 2015

On June 19th, Siswoo attended the III China e-commerce Exposition, which took place in the Convention & Exhibition center, in Shenzhen. This event lasted for 3 days on which we had the chance to enjoy a lot of significant conferences,  in an environment in which more than 3000 companies, 200 media, 100,000 visitors, and a total of more than 600,000 involved were bustling with new ideas, innovative concepts and interesting proposals.

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In this context, Siswoo struck with its business proposal, which is to provide quality smartphones, with a truly innovative technology and a functional, modern and elegant design.

We felt proud to present our different models, which meets very different tastes; from the high-end range (R8 Monster and R9 Darmoon) through the midrange (i7 Cooper) and low-midrange (C50 Longbow) to the low range, represented by Siswoo’s Chocolate Family: The A Series (A4, A4+ and A5)
But undoubtedly, the star of the show was our next release, the R9 DarkMoon. As you know, DarkMoon is a revolutionary smartphone with double screen (it equips an e-ink display on its rear), similar to the YotaPhone 2 – the smartphone used by nothing more, nothing less than Xi Jinping, President of China – but with even better specifications than the russian device.
 In a nutshell, we really enjoyed this mass meeting, which we think was very positive and a new opportunity for us to prove the world the strengh, reliability and ethusiasm of the Siswoo brand as well as the exceptional performance of our smartphones.