Siswoo R9 Darkmoon

Meet the new R9 Darkmoon! Equiped with a 5.2” Full FHD IPS Front screen and an E-ink display on its rear, Darkmoon will not just let you read eBooks but also use all the regular Smartphone functionalities on its E-ink display, saving a great amount of battery juice!

Dual Screen

4.7 inch E-ink Screen, QHD 540*960

for a comfortable reading experience

IPS Screen 5.2 inch

FHD 1920X1080

Ultra Octa-Core

1.7GHz CPU



Take your bookshelf in your pocket.

Power and speed make a perfect performance.

Front 8MP FF, Main 13 MP AF

Optical anti-quake system, Multiple camera mode

2.0 Large aperture, treasure every momento beyond your heart.

Aero titanium alloy + Nano blister forming,

48 hours whole metal CNC processing

Art of Sculpture, Quality of Precision,

Far more than a hand phone.

Graceful design 2.5D glass,

brings you a perfect touch feel,

And a pure metallic beauty as well.

Dual Band WiFi

Double speed, half waiting

Beauty and strenght,

A body built to last over time.

IR remote control
Take thousands of keys in your hand

Smart Energy Saving

Switch the smartphone functions to the

E-Ink screen for a longer lasting battery life.